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All teeth, whether they have been whitened or not tend to darken with time. The longevity of professional whitening procedures is dependent on several factors including eating habits, age, and your genetic make-up. Tooth darkening can be caused by poor quality enamel, enamel wear, tetracycline staining, smoking, chewing tobacco, tea, coffee, red wine, cola, certain spices use of abrasive toothpaste, etc. You may have naturally yellow or grayish teeth because of genetic factors. Just as skin and hair tones vary, so does tooth color.

What whitening can do for you is bring your teeth up to a much lighter shade. Itís often times been reported for patients to get shades so light that they are off the charts! This meaning that their teeth are actually lighter than the shade guide dentists use. As a result of these brighter whiter teeth, Vita, the leading manufacturer of shade guides in the dental field, has recently added 3 new lighter shades to their spectrum. Depending on the above-mentioned factors, your teeth will change accordingly.

H O W   L O N G   D O E S   T H I S   T A K E

To date, the quickest in-office whitening system available is the Apollo secret. The high performing Apollo light along with its gentle patented whitening gel allow this service to be rendered in 40 minutes from start to finish. This is substantially less than the traditional 2 hours required for earlier generation systems.